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Anne-Sophie is someone who lives life to the fullest and has many loves. Don’t get her started on paella! Her professional life is just one of her many passions. She uses her background and expertise to help people affected with cancer better conciliate work and their disease, which is one of the major obstacles women with breast cancer face. Given improving treatments, employees with cancer are becoming more frequent as are their questions on how to deal with cancer at work. Anne-Sophie dedicates much of her time and energy to engage employees, help operational managers and support people, and especially women, affected with cancer. She founded an organisation that aims to support those living with cancer with job integration, job maintenance, and overall quality of life at work. However, Anne-Sophie goes further; she is convinced that hiring those who are sick creates not only human value, but also social, economic, societal and sustainable value. She argues that those facing cancer are driven to absorb skills and virtues, thus providing a real added value to companies. That’s why companies should work to keep them or try to hire them. She’s certainly a great example.

Check out her video to learn more about Anne-Sophie.

Breast cancer affects a countless number of women every year.
Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and/or survivors sometimes rely more on the experiences of other breast cancer patients than they do on the advice from their healthcare providers, if not more. This is especially the case with the advent of the internet and social media, through which numerous women share how they are battling with breast cancer.

In this page, we present the stories of several women who share their experience, their motivation, their source of support, and their general approach in the fight against breast cancer.