Sharing our Everyday Wins

Faby has chosen her gift of song as her armor against breast cancer. When she received the news of her diagnosis, she was stricken. That same day, she attended the concert of one of her favourite singers, Véronique Sanson. The concert awoke in her a childhood dream: that of pursuing a career in music and landing on stage. That night, Faby made a choice to have her music drive her life, not her cancer. Faby has since come out with 4 albums, and has developed a growing number of fans. Véronique Sanson inspired Faby that famous night. Faby is now paying it forward to her fans as she provides them with that very same love for life and perseverance to fully enjoy it. In essence, her fans, her music, life; these are her drives.

Check out her video above to learn more about Faby.

Breast cancer affects a countless number of women every year.
Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and/or survivors sometimes rely more on the experiences of other breast cancer patients than they do on the advice from their healthcare providers, if not more. This is especially the case with the advent of the internet and social media, through which numerous women share how they are battling with breast cancer.

In this page, we present the stories of several women who share their experience, their motivation, their source of support, and their general approach in the fight against breast cancer.