Sharing our Everyday Wins

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer at a really young age but she prefers not to dwell on the gory details of her experience. This is not her focus. She would much rather focus on the positive aspects of life, and herself. This last aspect is a key element in the message Julie advocates about how it is important to prioritise taking care of one’s self, one’s image, and one’s femininity in order to get through one’s cancer. With that drive and mentality, this led Julie to dramatically change her life and ultimately create an accessories clothing store that specifically aims at helping women who’ve lost their hair for whatever reason. Julie’s message and story is a real-life example that sometimes, with a little kick, we have to refocus our proverbial lens in life.

Check out her video above to learn more about Julie.

Breast cancer affects a countless number of women every year.
Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and/or survivors sometimes rely more on the experiences of other breast cancer patients than they do on the advice from their healthcare providers, if not more. This is especially the case with the advent of the internet and social media, through which numerous women share how they are battling with breast cancer.

In this page, we present the stories of several women who share their experience, their motivation, their source of support, and their general approach in the fight against breast cancer.