Sharing our Everyday Wins

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lili felt overwhelmed, but not so much from the typical issues that breast cancer patients have to deal with. She was overwhelmed by the impact it would have on others and the pity she felt from them because of her young age. Lili preferred to fight the cancer with humour (sometimes intentionally quirky) and cheer. Out of this approach, and equipped with her graphic design skills, was born a desire to start creating comic books that deal with breast cancer and a plethora of other related issues. Since then, Lili’s made a career out of it. Her message on coping with breast cancer and the presence of her voice in the blogosphere represent a beacon of hope for many women.
Check out her video above to learn more about Lili.

Breast cancer affects a countless number of women every year.
Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and/or survivors sometimes rely more on the experiences of other breast cancer patients than they do on the advice from their healthcare providers, if not more. This is especially the case with the advent of the internet and social media, through which numerous women share how they are battling with breast cancer.

In this page, we present the stories of several women who share their experience, their motivation, their source of support, and their general approach in the fight against breast cancer.